Just Eat shows that creative remains king with effective yet irreverent Snoop Dogg spot

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Despite the fact that Just Eat’s jingle is already thoroughly embedded in the British public’s consciousness, the food delivery brand didn’t rest on its laurels with its latest ad, in which rapper Snoop Dogg serves up a subversive remix.

We see the celebrity singing about his ‘wonton on a catamaran’ and his ‘slice on the side of the hot tub’, while a chorus of the instantly recognisable ‘Did somebody say, Just Eat?’ keeps the brand front-of-mind throughout the comic scene.

In this way, the brand’s playful positioning is expertly conveyed, in a fun and modern ad in which the charismatic performer parodies rap itself with his replay of the well-known jingle.

What works so well is the authentic way in which the celebrity is integrated to the brand story, with a focus on the brand creative over and above simply using a celebrity bolt-on.

During the pandemic, this type of genuine integration is particularly important, or brands risk damaging their reputations with insensitive or misjudged executions.

Tech-driven research and insights agency Cubery tapped into Cint’s market research technology expertise and online market research panels to conduct audience research analysis on the ad. According to their blog, Cubery found that Just Eat’s ad was positively received. Based on the company’s 3 C’s audience research analysis framework, ‘Does it Captivate, Connect and Compel?’, they found that the ad won on all counts: it captured attention, made the brand recognisable, and left a lasting impression – at a time when food delivery services need differentiation, thanks to a surge in demand during lockdown.

The expert integration of ‘Just Eat’ into the largely comical lyrics about ‘tacos to the chateau’ and ‘chicken wings in the crib’, showcased the range and convenience of the platform, with a celebrity endorsement that felt authentic and self-aware, never overshadowing the overall sense of fun or the all-important brand narrative.

The overall tone hit the mark but the message was effective too, with Cubery’s audience research analysis finding viewers consistently inferring that Just Eat offers a ‘wide range’ of meal delivery options.

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg’s starring appearance didn’t overshadow product information but did aid brand perceptions: Cubery found that four-fifths of viewers considered Just Eat the ‘leading food delivery brand’ – in no small part due to its rubbing shoulders with a global superstar in the execution.

During the pandemic, tone-deaf endorsements are arguably even more dangerous but this effective and credible alignment proves how a strong idea is more powerful than a popular celebrity.

For the complete results of the Just Eat ad effectiveness study, powered by Cint’s automated market research technology, you can view the article here.

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