2023 in Review: Your favourite CintSnaps, ranked

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At Cint we feed the world’s curiosity, finding the answers to your most pressing questions in real time. 

What is your favorite UK Christmas advertisement this year? 

How important to you is your company’s prioritization of mental health initiatives? 

Who do you think will win in a cage fight: Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg?  

Are you glued to your TV during NFL season? 

 Are you pro return-to-office or work from home? 

These are just some of the questions consumers answered this year via Cint’s own intelligent data insights gathering platform to create 47 #CintSnaps on the hottest topics of 2023. 

Since there’s nothing we love more than a data driven trip down memory lane, we’ve rounded up the top 10 #CintSnaps which got the highest engagement from you this year. Strap in!

10. Wildfires on the Rise: How the increase in wildfire damage to homes and cities nationwide is impacting US housing decisions 

From Canada to Maui – and many places in between – this summer was overshadowed by widespread wildfires, unsafe air quality due to smoke, bright orange skies, and devastating damage.  

We looked into the impact this unprecedent rise of wildfires is having on current home-owners and prospective home buyers’ housing decisions. 

 Along with many people taking an array of precautions, 16% said they were actively considering moving to lower risk areas. 

9. STRIKE! Insights on the public’s opinions surrounding Hollywood’s writers and actors on strike

The WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike was a top media headline from early May to the end of September. 

Although writers and actors have both returned to work now; our research on how the US public felt about the strike – and what it might mean for advertisers – holds strong in 9th place as a #CintSnap of peak interest. 

We learned, learned, 62% of people surveyed stood with the writers and actors on strike.  

 But perhaps the most shocking stat we found is 40% thought AI will fully replace writers and actors in Hollywood! 

8. Threads vs. X: Insights and trends in a quickly changing social media landscape 

There was a lot of commotion in the world of social media surrounding Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and Meta’s launch of Threads. 


Immediately on the heels of the Threads launch and Twitter’s rebrand to X, we found out how these changes were impacting user behavior, and where consumers were keen to interact with brands on social media. 


35% of X users surveyed said the recent changes to the brand was were making them less likely to use the app. 


63% of people surveyed said they had already created a Threads account. 


It would be fascinating to re-run this study now that the initial hubbub has quieted down…  


7. Influencers, Inspiration & Inflation: How consumers are making holiday shopping decisions this year 

With holiday lights illuminating city centers, holiday music overtaking radio programming, and hours of Hallmark holiday movies in the queue; consumers are gearing up for the annual tradition of gift giving. 


And we wanted to know where their holiday shopping inspiration comes from, and if inflation is having an impact this year. 


Interestingly, we learned that even with the rise in popularity of social media influencers, the strongest sources of holiday shopping inspiration are still directly from friends and family and ads on TV!

6. “Barbeinheimer”:

Insights around the role of marketing in opening week for the two films currently taking theaters by a storm

“When I wake up in my own pink world 

I get up out of bed and wave to my homegirls 

Hey, Barbie (hey), she’s so cool…” 


With the marketing blitz leading up to Barbie’s release on July 21st, the world did turn pink and Barbie became the height of cool.  


But Barbie wasn’t the only Blockbuster coming to theaters July 21st; this was also the release date of Oppenheimer, creating the phenomenon coined “Barbenheimer” and leading to record levels of box office sales. 


According to our research on the impact of each film’s marketing campaigns on people’s eagerness to head to theaters during opening week, 38% said their decision to see Barbie was influenced by its marketing campaign and 32% said that of Oppenheimer. 

 5. Valentine’s Day: Insights and trends around the holiday 

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue,  

In the UK 66% of people surveyed said they celebrate Valentine’s Day, 

In the US 60% said they do too. 


Our Valentine’s Day gift to you this year wasn’t a card, flowers, or chocolates – it was something far more unique: a comparison of how people in the US and UK celebrate this February 14th day of love. 

4. Sale Season: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If you made your list and checked it twice before going sale hunting during Black Friday / Cyber Monday, you’re in good company. 


Approximately 50% of consumers surveyed across the US, UK, Australia and Canada said they were planning to take advantage of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for their holiday shopping. 


And, in the US, 45% said it was a family tradition to go in-person Black Friday shopping every year. 


Nothing like a turkey feast to fuel a shopping frenzy! 

3. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (ads)

From loving venus fly traps and caring racoons, to the return of a beloved carrot and many celebrity cameos; festive commercials have become an integral part of the holiday experience in the UK, spreading joy, and setting the mood for the celebratory season. 


So much so that a whopping 65% of people surveyed say they love these Christmas ads and actively look forward to them every year. 


We unwrapped the festive findings of what makes these ads a seasonal staple for UK consumers. And, which brand had the favorite ad of the year! 

2. Elon vs. Zuck: Who do you think will win? And, how will the fight impact consumer behavior?  

Not only did their platforms (X and Threads) get pitted against each other earlier this year; the media also was buzzing about tech billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg engaging in a bona fide cage fight. 


And while these headlines mostly sounded ridiculous, Musk and Zuckerberg’s ties to massive social media platforms and brands made us wonder: Would the fight impact how consumers engage with their platforms and brands? 


It turns out the answer was yes; the fight definitely would have had the potential to shift consumer sentiment! 

And the winner is…  

1. Swifties vs. The Beyhive: US fan behavior surrounding Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour  


Taylor Swift just became the first artist to have all 10 top spots on Billboard Hot 100, is the most streamed artist of 2023 according to the Spotify Wrapped data, and was named this year’s TIME Person of the Year so it’s not shocking that our research on Taylor and Queen Bey is on the top of this list too. 


And while we didn’t want to create any bad blood or break your souls, we did find out which shimmering mega-star has the stronger fan base. 


(And how much debt people would go into to watch these artists perform live.)