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Anticipation around TV upfronts and NewFronts is gearing up this spring. Both CTV and linear TV advertising present big opportunities for advertisers. In particular, a booming demand for CTV ads with revenue on track to grow by 13.8% in 2024, following a 10.4% bump last year.  

Both the upfronts and the NewFronts are important events in the media industry. The upfronts focus on traditional television programming and advertising, while the NewFronts center around digital media and online content.  

In a nutshell, the events serve as a platform for networks to generate excitement and interest in their upcoming content while also solidifying financial partnerships with advertisers. 

We look at what these two events are all about and the state of streaming in 2024.  


TV upfronts are annual events where television networks present their upcoming programming slate to advertisers, agencies, and sometimes the press.  

These events typically occur in the spring, between April and May, ahead of the fall television season. Networks showcase their new and returning shows, share their programming strategies, and secure advertising commitments for the upcoming season. 

During upfront presentations, networks unveil trailers, clips, and promotional materials for their new shows, as well as provide insights into the creative direction and audience demographics of their programming lineup.  

Networks may also announce scheduling changes, renewals, cancellations, and other important updates. 


The NewFronts, or NewFronts Marketplace take place around the same time annually and are focused on digital media and online content. 

Started in 2008 by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the NewFronts bring together digital media companies, content creators, and platforms to showcase their upcoming content offerings and advertising opportunities. 

Digital media companies present their latest original content, partnerships, audience insights, and innovative advertising formats to potential advertisers and marketers. The NewFronts aim to attract advertising dollars to digital platforms by highlighting the unique advantages of digital media, such as targeted advertising, interactivity, and engagement metrics. 

What’s in it for advertisers? 

Upfronts: Advertisers get a first look at the upcoming content and to negotiate ad placements and sponsorship deals with the networks, which usually comes at a discounted rate in exchange for long-term commitment. 

NewFronts: Advertisers are provided with insights into emerging trends in digital content and offer opportunities to explore partnerships with digital media companies. 

Fun facts 

  • The first upfront presentation, by ABC in 1962, was organised to gauge how advertisers felt about their new tv shows and simply involved negotiations between executives and marketers. 
  • According to data from Statista, Sunday Night Football (NBC) and Thursday Night Football (FOX) were the most expensive shows for broadcast TV advertising during the 2020/21 season in the United States. 30-second spots during these programs were priced at 783.7 thousand and 624.6 thousand U.S. dollars, respectively.  

The rise of CTV 

This year, the presence of streaming giants Netflix, YouTube and Amazon are set to dominate the likes of traditional broadcast media. Their growing base and increased loyalty of viewers have put them on the big leagues.  

The evolving nature of the events highlights their relevancy to the media industry. It also signals a change for streaming subscribers who may need to fork up additional dollars to access ad-free tiers.  

A sneak peak into the state of streaming 

With both events hot on our radar, we used CintSnap – a way to survey individuals and understand opinions quickly – to conduct a poll with approximately 300 US respondents for each question to investigate consumer habits around viewing and attitudes to ads.  

Below are some key findings from our survey. 

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