Celebrating International Data Protection Day with Caroline Tahon, DPO at Cint

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On the 28th of January every year, the importance of personal data, and of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is celebrated across the world on Data Protection Day. Whether it is matter of human rights, as with GDPR, or consumer rights, like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), many countries are starting to take note and establish more robust rights around personal data.  

Enforcement of these rights has become the norm. Courts, tribunals, and data regulatory authorities around the world are increasingly making sure that principles of processing personal data are respected and adhered to. These principles include transparency, fairness, and privacy by design. 

And while it’s great that the topic is garnering action, this year’s theme ‘Take control of your data’ highlights the timely reminder that personal data is everyone’s responsibility. 

As a data company, Cint handles millions of personal data or PII. As the DPO of Cint, Caroline Tahon works closely with teams across the board every day: from product to engineering, through to marketing, to ensure that the privacy principles are embedded in all aspects of our platform, processes and behaviors.  

Watch our video with Caroline where she shares the importance of safeguarding personal data and some key initiatives she’s working on:  

As we embark on new products and solutions, including machine learning, AI, and our upcoming Unified Platform, we keep in mind that in this century, no one can succeed without a solid grasp of privacy or data protection principles.  

On behalf of the legal team at Cint, we wish all our customers, partners and employees, a Happy International Privacy Day! We look forward to working together on your future projects and finding solutions to keeping everyone’s privacy secure.