New Report: Unlocking insights on The Big Game

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As the football fever grips the nation, the anticipation for this year’s game is reaching unprecedented heights. And, with the Cint platform at our fingertips, we decided to survey the nation to understand more about how people are planning to watch and so much more.

With 69% of Americans surveyed gearing up to watch the grand spectacle, the excitement is not just limited to the game itself. Our Big Game Report has unveiled intriguing insights into the preferences, expectations, and trends that will shape this year’s Big Game experience.

To whet your appetite, we’re sharing a few of the data points we uncovered.

Demographic Dynamics: A Generational Peek

The study revealed a fascinating generational divide in Big Game viewership.

While a solid 69% of the overall population plans to tune in, the 16–25 age bracket lags behind at 50%. On the flip side, the 84% engagement from the 68–78 age range is nothing short of remarkable. But what does that say for the future of the game?

Top Three Reasons for Tuning In: More than Just a Game

Unsurprisingly, the heart of the matter remains the game itself, with 76% citing it as their primary reason for watching.

However, the influence of commercials (46%) and sports betting (61%) showcases the evolving dynamics of viewer engagement.

Sports Betting: A Game Changer

A whopping 81% of respondents are familiar with sports betting apps, and 69% believe that incorporating sports betting enhances the overall enjoyment of the game.

This presents an exciting opportunity for brands to capitalize on the growing synergy between sports and wagering.

Top Big Game Brands: Beyond the Touchdowns

Bud Light claims the throne as the most associated brand with the Big Game, garnering a staggering 58% recognition.

Coca Cola and Doritos trail closely at 42% each. The most anticipated ad, according to 50% of respondents, is expected to come from Anheuser Busch.

We asked our friends over at Brandwatch to share their social data with us so we could cross reference the buzz – and according to their Head of Content, Gemma Joyce,  the last five years’ worth of Big Game ads showed a clear winner when it comes to getting mentioned on social:

“Despite Tubi’s efforts in 2023 and the amount of buzz it received, its ad gathered the lowest number of mentions out of the top five most discussed Big Game ads in the last five years. The 2021 Mountain Dew’s ad remains the most talked-about Big Game ad online. Excited to see this year’s data!”.

But hey – we aren’t going to share everything! Download the full report, including more insights such as:

  • Celebrity influence and purchase intent
  • Navigating sensitive subjects and shifts in perspective
  • What makes an ad more likely to be shared?

The Big Game is not just footbal; it’s a cultural phenomenon that transcends sport.

The latest survey provides a comprehensive snapshot of the varied interests, preferences, and expectations of viewers.

As we countdown to the big day, marketers, advertisers, and brands have a valuable blueprint to navigate the complex landscape of Big Game advertising, ensuring their messages resonate with the diverse and discerning audience tuning in to the biggest spectacle in American sports.