Redefining your experience with Cint: An exclusive look at our API-first approach

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New Cint Platform Series

In our new video interview series, we aim to give you an exclusive insight into the developments that our experts at Cint are actively working on, ahead of our upcoming platform launch.  

Our first video, with Jonathan Jaynes, focused on the revamped user experience. For our second video interview, we reached out to Nick Richards, Director of Product, who shares an update on the work his team have been doing to comprehensively integrate every corner of product offerings on the new platform.  

We cover Cint’s API-first approach, features of the upcoming API, and how it’s positioned to empower businesses globally.  

API first approach 

Being at the forefront of innovation, we’ve placed a strong emphasis on an API-first approach when creating our new platform. This means our APIs will be publicly available, providing you with access to the tools that build and enhance your business seamlessly.  

The features and functionalities embedded in our products will be at your disposal, utilizing the same tools we use internally. This unified API is designed to offer real-time access to a diverse and niche audience, with a combined supply network of over 300 million connected consumers from Lucid and Cint.

Features engineered by your feedback 

Our new API is not just an upgrade; it’s a pioneering leap forward. The features on offer have been meticulously crafted by listening to years of product and customer feedback. Common functions have been reimagined, making them more reusable and drastically reducing the number of API calls required for routine tasks.  

Partners integrating with our API can also anticipate substantial cost and time savings in surveys, setup, and project management. 

Enhanced security with JWTs 

Security is our top priority, and the new API reflects that commitment. We’ve implemented JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) to elevate security, offering better scoping, authentication, and authorization. This ensures that your data and interactions within our platform are highly safeguarded. 

Effortless integration with the new Exchange 

One of the highlights of our upcoming release is the new Exchange we’re building for our customers. Whether you prefer the user interface or the API, the experience will be seamless.  

Our vision? We want our customers to explore and play with this exchange, enabling them to build customized workflows that align perfectly with their business needs.  

This streamlined integration ensures a user-friendly experience, promoting efficiency and flexibility and redefining the way you interact with our products. 

We welcome you to embrace the future with Cint and can’t wait to share more updates on our new platform – stay tuned.