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In today’s blog, we put a frequently asked question to our Chief Product & Technology Officer (CPTO), Alesia Braga.

As you may have noted by the title, this is going to be one of those ‘does what it says on the tin’ pieces. You’ve been asking about the new platform we’re busy working on, so we wanted to share some behind the scenes info. 

If you’ve been following the Cint journey for some time, we hope you’ve noticed that we’ve dedicated ourselves as a company to providing quality data and insights to help our customers connect to the audiences they need. 

Innovation is in our DNA, and our mission has always been to bridge the gap between real people and organizations striving to understand and serve them. Over the years, we’ve pioneered programmatic market research solutions (that’s a tongue twister and a half), and as the world becomes increasingly AI-driven the need for high-quality, human based data is ever more crucial. 

With this in mind, we’ve embarked on an exciting journey of transformation – building a new platform that will redefine the way our customers can access and leverage consumer opinions and data. 

As we continue building our new platform, we know that the number one question from customers (we hear you!) is around wanting to understand more about what we’re building, and what it means for you. It’s a complex undertaking, so we want to shine a light today on how we’ve been working on it. 

The long road 

Our journey to get to this point – the new platform – has been a lengthy one. Since Cint acquired Lucid in 2021, we’ve been working behind the scenes to develop a new platform that incorporates intelligence and automation, all on one secure, globally compliant cloud infrastructure.  

Importantly, we’ve taken the time to listen and learn from decades of building market research technology from all parts of our blended team.  

Meticulous planning simply had to be a cornerstone of our strategy. We were navigating the complex waters of our respective marketplaces – we had to ensure both minimal disruption and business continuity. 

Our approach was driven by a dual awareness.  

On the one hand, we recognized the importance of preserving what was already in motion, working successfully across our offerings.  On the other hand, we were thinking about ways to be bold, and bring in new ideas and innovation to the forefront of our newly combined business. This was a balancing act that demanded that we consider not only the short-term, but the long-term effects – on our business, to our customers, and the industry as a whole.  

We weighed up the risks against reward, which takes time, but soon we had a roadmap. We planned to build something new, and better.  

We’ve essentially needed to consolidate four highly successful platforms – Cint, P2 Sample, GapFish and Lucid – not a small task. Merging these diverse platforms into a unified, streamlined solution required absolutely meticulous planning and execution, drawing on experiences from engineers from all corners of the Cint family.  

Each of the four platforms, Cint, P2 Sample, Gapfish, and Lucid, had different underlying architectures, technologies, and databases.  

Merging these diverse technologies into a coherent and seamless system is a non-trivial task!   

Rigorous testing and quality assurance have been essential to ensure that the merged platform functions correctly and reliably. We’ve been testing for bugs, security vulnerabilities, and performance issues. 

And when it comes to scalability and performance, we’ve needed to make sure that the new platform can scale to meet the needs of a global customer base and perform efficiently under heavy loads. This is a critical and very time-consuming task – huge props to the teams. 

By combining all of the best bits of the four legacy platforms, we will offer the broadest choice of trusted consumer opinions, real time insights and data. It’s going to be good, trust us. 

What else is coming? 

Intuitive workflows and localization. The new interface focuses on intuitive workflows and built-in automation tools. Work across borders within the same project. Global business, global needs? No problem. 

Turbocharged scale. Our platform provides speedy access to over 306 million connected consumers and handles over a million surveys daily. Need to reach both large and niche audiences? We’ve got you. 

Enhanced quality. Our new platform offers improved reconciliation processes and enhanced proprietary and third party fraud prevention tools.  

We’ve got AI prediction quality models and external bot prediction services – ensuring the highest data quality to protect both customers and respondents – something we know the entire industry needs to work on. 

Our journey towards the new platform has been a huge commitment to quality, innovation and customer happiness.  

It’s taken time, sure. We know you’re ready to see it now. But we needed the time to create a platform that will meet your evolving needs in a world driven by AI and data, and we are excited to launch into this new chapter in Cint’s history – one that promises to drive deeper, more impactful insights for you, our (patient!) customers – across the globe. 

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