Basics of ResTech: Market Research 101

ResTech Basics

Market Research 101

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Learn how Market Research can help provide you with better insight on how to grow your business. Plus, explore how the Market Research Industry is evolving with the help of Research Technology (ResTech).

Graham Idehen
Director, Customer Success EMEA

Aaron Ball
Senior Consultant, Marketplace Integrations EMEA

Gurleen Sagoo-Sbrighi
Senior Account Manager EMEA

How to monetize your community

Monetizing your community involves strategically leveraging its value to generate revenue. Let's say you have an online forum, social media group or a thriving platform with active members. You can transform your online community into a profitable asset. You can monetize your community in various ways. This post explores the ins and outs of community monetization. We also provide actionable strategies to maximize your earnings. Get ready to tap into the power of your community and discover how to monetize it successfully.