Behind the scenes at Cint: with Events Director, Ariel Madway

Market Research

In today’s blog we spend a bit of time getting to know one of our superstar team members – one who you may have met on the MR events circuit this fall.

So, Ariel, tell us a bit about what it is you do here at Cint.

My primary role is running Cint’s events marketing, which means managing our global face-to-face presence at conferences and customer events. 

I handle everything from ideating fun activations (think pop-up candy shoppes and popping champagne at the booth), programming on-stage thought leadership, and creating cool merch; to all the behind-the-scenes bits of contract negotiations, calendaring, budgeting, data reporting etc. 


Right now we’re in a super busy event season – and we’re starting to make plans for 2024 – so there’s a lot to do on both the behind-the-scenes front and the execution of all our live events happening around the world! 

I also run Cint’s social media (yes, this is a not-so-subtle plug to follow us on LinkedIn!) 

You were just at Printemps des Etudes, weren’t you? I have to say, the champagne and croissants looked very inviting. How did it go? 

Yes! This was my first time at the Printemps des Etudes conference in Paris and it was a fantastic event. 

Some of the highlights were:  

  • Debuting my new favorite booth accessory: A neon sign with the phrase “Feeding the world’s curiosity”. 
  • Simon Beedell, SVP of Measurement at Cint, presenting to a full room about unlocking the key to first-party data in a privacy conscious world. 
  • Popping champagne with industry friends, new and old! 

And it was great finally meeting our French team in person and getting to know the French market research community firsthand. 

Any key learnings you can share (in French for bonus points)? 

A key learning for me was that I need to learn at least a little bit of French before returning for next year! I did learn the phrase “ça va”, so that’s at least more than I went in knowing… 

As has been the case at so many events this year, the two main themes that were all the buzz both on stage and on the exhibit hall floor were: 

  1. AI: How are companies in our space building AI models?; How can the use of generative AI help the insights professional?; How will the rise of AI – and AI bots – impact the ongoing data quality dilemma? 
  2. Data Quality: How can improving data quality be addressed without sacrificing cost and speed? 

There was also a decent amount of chatter around environmental issues, and how the housing crisis and inflation are impacting today’s consumer. 

We have a packed events schedule coming up – where are we going to be for the rest of the month? 

Currently we have a crew of Cinters in Mumbai, India where we are sponsoring the MRSI Annual Seminar. 

And through the rest of October we’ll be at: 

  • AdvertisingWeek New York (Oct 16-19 | New York, NY, USA)
  • TMRE (Oct 22-25 | Denver, CO, USA) Booth 229
  • Succeet (Oct 25-26 | Wiesbaden, Germany) Booth 207
  • AdvertisingWeek LATAM (Oct 31-Nov 1 | Mexico City, Mexico)

If you’re planning to be at any of those events and want to coordinate meeting up, shoot me an e-mail at 

I hear we have some great speaking slots lined up. What are you particularly excited about learning more about? 

Is it a cop out to say I’m equally excited about all of our (seven!) upcoming speaking slots this month? 

As AI and data quality continue to be the hot button issues our industries are facing today, I’m looking forward to the multiple opportunities we’ll have to discuss both topics at the upcoming events. The more voices and perspectives added to these important conversations, the more we all learn – and can innovate – together.  

I am especially excited to be bringing research we’ve been conducting on AI in the workplace to both the advertising and media audience at AdvertisingWeek New York and the market research and insights audience at TMRE.  

These extremely relevant, hot-off-the-presses findings are quite fascinating and are sure to spur interesting discussions both on stage and after.  

If AI in the workplace doesn’t pique your interest as much as it piques mine, some other topics we’re taking to the stage are: 

  • The power of partnerships to support stronger measurement, with our partners at LG Ad Solutions, TEADS, and The Trade Desk (AdvertisingWeek New York) 
  • Fighting fraud, with our friends at Forsta (Succeet) 
  • The future of insights, with a panel of industry luminaries (Succeet) 
  • How cross-platform measurement gets you closer to consumers (AdvertisingWeek New York) 

If someone reading hasn’t sorted out their tickets yet, where can they find more info? 

We still have some VIP tickets available for AdvertisingWeek New York, TMRE, and Succeet – if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet and want to join as our guest we’d love to have you! E-mail me at 

And if you’re trying to plan ahead to November – we’ll be in Singapore for ESOMAR: The Art & Science of Innovation (Nov 8-10) and in Milan for ASSIRM (Nov 21). Feel free to shoot me a message if you’re interested in coordinating for either of those events as well!