Bizrate Rewards automates manual research tasks using Cint’s platform

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How can an established consumer research company find more time to focus on strategy and customer communication? Through automation of course! That’s just what Bizrate Rewards did when it employed the Cint platform to automate research tasks and streamline its processes for gathering digital insights and customer feedback.

Project managers at the well-known company had a multitude of time-consuming manual steps for every aspect of surveying and sampling. Because they were wasting valuable time starting and managing client jobs, they were unable to focus on critical tasks such as client relationships. In addition, they weren’t able to get project data out to clients in a timely manner – something which has become increasingly important in recent months.

To solve these issues, Bizrate Rewards partnered with Cint, using our digital insights gathering platform to automate tasks and streamline every project. With Cint’s Access Pro solution, managers are able to connect their panel members to surveys through our API. With flexible options depending on the scope of each project, Access Pro has given Bizrate Rewards managers more time to do what they do best: fine tune surveys, focus on strategy and communicate with clients. Removing manual steps and replacing them with automated research processes, with all project information accessible in a single location, also gives greater visibility into each project in real-time.

Radical time savings is just the beginning of all the benefits Bizrate Rewards has reaped from implementing Cint’s Access Pro solution for automating research. Customer service and satisfaction has risen sharply, as the team can now spend more time on strategy, analysis and communication. Cint’s 24-hour customer service and support gives an added layer of expertise for making sure every consumer insights project is optimised and streamlined.

Read the case study here.

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