Cint accelerates customer success  to boost satisfaction

About Us

There’s nothing better than satisfied clients!  

Helping companies build better products and services is at the forefront of our priorities. That’s why customer support has always been paramount; and our Customer Success initiative has been consistently delivering tangible support and personal insights at scale to clients. 

The solutions that we offer bring a range of benefits to businesses; our dedicated Customer Success executives, for instance, operate with speed and efficiency, thereby becoming an extension of the client team. 

They start on site, supporting the client during the implementation phase, which allows them to understand in detail the company workflow and business needs. Thanks to this initiative, our clients have consistently experienced higher conversion rates, shorter field times and more profitable projects. 

Our mission is also to accelerate businesses growth and global expansion, helping clients understand when and why they may benefit from a platform like Access Pro. 

Our self-service SaaS tools help clients manage their work, without giving up on the control, transparency and flexibility of a project. Knowing how best to maximise the AccessProSaaS and API is essential to drive efficiencies and growth potential, and that’s why our Customer Success team is dedicated to helping clients getting the most out of our platform. 

While our sales team focus on business opportunities, the Customer Success team assists clients in navigatinoffers and finding the solution that best suits their needs. For example,Connect, Cint’s own ad effectiveness technology, allows customers to track, segment and identify their audience, while also supporting new market or vertical needs within existing clients.  

Unlocking supply or partnership and alliances opportunities is also crucial to create new relationships directly. 

Our range of solutions and strategies, all form part of Cint’s wider goal to be the technology backbone of the world’s most successful insights companies.  

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