The rise of DIY market research for accessing more agile consumer insights

Buyer API

While DIY market research was already on the rise pre-pandemic, recent events have catapulted DIY solutions and techniques to new levels. According to ESOMAR, this trend promises to continue, as the organisation forecasts that the DIY research sector will grow by $1.3 billion this year alone. Other studies reinforce this, finding that DIY tool usage will rise by 70% among research teams and Greenbook’s GRIT report found that agile methods (like DIY) are part of future plans for 72% of researchers.

There have been several drivers for this acceleration, not the least of which includes remote working models and decreased marketing budgets. Layered on top of this is the fastest changing consumer marketplace that the globe has ever seen, as people shift behaviours and increase digital activities to accommodate crisis-driven constraints. Added pressure comes from the need for marketers to deliver instant, personalised products, services and communications.

Brands need more agile approaches to consumer insights that allow them to quickly and cost-effectively understand their changing audiences. DIY can offer the speed and level of control that is needed for every step of the market research workflow – if properly implemented. In the past, a shadow has hung over DIY tools, which were sometimes poorly designed and lacked partner support. The face of DIY market research has transformed with the smart application of technology, better user interfaces and more streamlined approaches to training and services.

When it comes to a “do it yourself” approach to reaching respondents, Access Pro by Cint features flexible technology, plus an intuitive and simple interface, that allows users to easily access the world’s largest consumer network for digital research. With a single pipeline for connecting to more than 144 million respondents in 130 countries, Cint technology is a critical piece of the process for DIY researchers. With just a few clicks, users of Access Pro by Cint can find any consumer audience using over 300 targeting criteria, determine feasibility, set up and launch surveys, and more.

Read more about how Access Pro has been used to measure consumer reactions to advertising campaigns for companies like Budweiser, Guinness, Yorkshire Tea, Just Eat , and Marmite, plus how others have uncovered fast insights and used it to find hard to reach audiences for surveys.

Companies can also use Cint’s Buyer API to round out their marketing tech stack by fully integrating Access Pro into their own proprietary solutions. This allows even more functionality, such as integrating private panels or marketplaces, and managing pricing for organisational market research programs.

DIY market research holds the promise of faster, more efficient access to the insights that organisations need to make better decisions. Current events are pushing DIY providers to new levels and spurring the creation of new platforms and solutions that deliver on this promise. It might be time to take another look at uncovering agile consumer insights with a DIY approach.