Cint found to have best sample quality in two independent studies

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In the past few months, two independent studies found that Cint had the highest-quality sample for both consumer and B2B respondents. Survey responses sourced from Cint were compared to sample from 9 other providers, and Cint had the best sample quality out of all of them. These blind studies were run by 3rd parties, who only informed Cint of the results and our involvement at the end of the respective studies.

Sapio Research conducted an independent, blind study on sample research

Recently, Sapio Research conducted a review of online sample providers to help researchers understand the mechanics of sampling better. Sapio focused on 3 platforms for consumer sample and for B2B sample in the UK, all of whom were leading providers of sample globally. After the study was done, Sapio contacted Cint to inform Cint that we were the highest-performing provider of quality survey sample 

Cint was found to have the highest percentage of quality sample

Compared to the other suppliers of consumer sample, Cint had the highest percentage of good sample. Good sample responses were defined as respondents who were not speeders (respondents who complete the questionnaire in a short time frame), grid straight-liners (respondents who tick the same box for every option on a grid question), or contradictory (such as having 25+ years job experience and being in the 18-24 age bracket).  

Cint performed especially well on business-to-business sample

To test sample quality for B2B respondents, Sapio sourced survey responses from IT decision makers from 4 sample providers. High-quality responses for this audience included the same checks as the consumer audience, with the addition of a grid contradiction check and knowledge of IT-specific metrics and acronyms.  

Sapio’s report found that the B2B sample had a greater difference in quality between different providers. Cint performed notably better than the other sample providers, providing a significantly smaller proportion of poor-quality respondents than the lowest performing panel provider—13 percentage points better.  

About Sapio 

Sapio Research is an award-winning, international full-service market research consultancy. You can read Sapio’s full report here 

Cambri identifies Cint as the top panel provider in their data quality audit

Cambri is a research technology company that helps brands test products by providing consumer insights. They wanted to compare Cint’s sample with another provider to determine who had the highest quality, so they conducted a data quality audit.

Cambri evaluated sample for fraud, accuracy, and matching results

Cambri ran a product concept test for plant-based instant noodles, asking consumers about paint points as well as packaging shape and design. The survey’s target audience was 25 to 54-year-old UK consumers, using age and gender quotas.

Cambri defined high-quality survey data as: 

  • Not fraudulent: answers were from real respondents, with no duplicate completes or bots. 
  • Responses were valid: Respondents did not speed through the surveys, or straight-line them, and open-ended answers were meaningful.
  • Matching concepts: KPI scores such as Purchase Intent were the same among panel providers in the same target group using the same device (e.g. mobile phone).

Sample from Cint had better quality than sample from the other provider

Cambri rated sample quality on a scale of 0 to 100. They found that Cint samples had a higher overall data quality score than sample from the other partner. The average score for Cint sample was 71.2 compared to 65.5. This was true across all devices. 

To learn more, read the full report here