Cinters support Movember to raise awareness of men’s health issues

Company Culture

Around the world, we saw a lot more facial hair last month as men grew their moustaches in support of “Movember”, a movement that aims to reduce the number of men who die prematurely. Movember “takes it all on” addressing top men’s health issues, including mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

In fact, right here at Cint, we saw our colleagues from all over sporting new moustaches on Zoom calls. Each had a specific reason for supporting Movember, and many said that their newly grown facial adornments invited questions – so they were able to talk to others about men’s health and the cause.

“60 men are lost to suicide every hour – we need to normalize mental health care for men.”

Mike Klotz, Director Client Development

“Many men still think that going to get a prostate test is too embarrassing. This needs to change.”

Shawn Cabral, Global Marketing Director

“I’m participating simply to help raise awareness.”

Neil Fordham, VP of Supply, EMEA –

“My father, uncle, and millions of others who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.”

Adam Weiss, Senior Sales Engineer

“This is an important cause to help create awareness and bring real change.”

Mohammad Tabish Malik, Operations Specialist

“I think it’s important that as men we learn to be vulnerable. We get sick. We need to go to doctors. This has nothing to do with not being ‘man enough’. These are our lives, let’s take care of them!”

Thomas Karstens, Engineering Manager

“Thirty percent of men have suffered from a period of depression in their lifetime, yet mental health is regularly overlooked. It’s important to raise awareness that it is common and support is available.”

Harvey Tran, Regional Operations Director

“I did this for a family friend Jack, 7-year-old battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia.”

Cuyler Peragallo, Customer Success Executive

“People need to take their mental and emotional health as seriously as they do their physical health, anything to raise awareness of this is a positive step in the right direction.”

Andrew Melville, Sales Director, ANZ

“Small acts of kindness can make all the difference. It’s an easy thing to join in for the Movember cause. Hopefully, it will snowball to a greater impact.”

Görgis Acar, Head of Internal IT

“I’m participating to help support those who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.”

Michael Pateiro, VP of Global Operations

For nearly 20 years, Movember has funded more than 1,250 men’s health projects around the world, contributing to men’s health research and transforming the way health services reach and support men. Cint, and our moustache-growing team, is proud to support the cause and has made a donation to help fund this important global work.