Cint partners with market research leaders for this week’s “Insighter Conference”


We are pleased to be a partner for AYTM’s new Insighter Conference, a two-day virtual conference for insights industry insiders. Developed to help lead the next generation of consumer insights innovators, the conference seeks to inspire, connect and help attendees discover new solutions for growth. Who will attend? “The ones who are unafraid to lead digital transformation within the consumer insights industry.” At Cint, we fall firmly in this camp!

During the virtual conference, Cint team members will be leading several educational sessions including:

September 23, 12:30pm – 1:30pm: Cint Lounge

A casual lunch break “lounge” with Megan Springmeyer, Director of Customer Success, CINT. This virtual networking event is the perfect place to connect with others who are attending the conference, and have a live question and answer session with Megan and other “lunchers.”

September 24, 12:30pm – 1:30pm: “The Neuroscience of Insight” with Megan Springmeyer and Jonathan Burman, Human Capital Investor, The Best Workplace, LLC

During this session, the speakers will dive into how the definition of “insight” has shifted, as well as the challenges in obtaining personal or marketing insights that neuroscience is just beginning to understand. They will discuss how we can overcome these challenges by taking a close look at the root of human decision-making. Attendees will learn how, through focused practice, we can train our brains and our organizations to become more open to insight.

September 24, 1:30pm – 2:00pm: “Equality in an unequal world” with Melissa Gonsalves, Co-Founder of CORe

During her presentation, Melissa will be sharing some “hard facts” about pervasive inequality in the world, and in the market research industry. She’ll also present some thinking points on how to foster real change, and what that change should look like.

September 24, 2:15pm – 2:45pm: “Managing Data Quality” with Steve Orebaugh, SVP, Global Supply, CINT

Quality is not the sole responsibility of one link in the supply chain. In this session, Steve will break down the definition of quality. By exploring the spectrum of ownership, we can start to identify how each part plays an important role in our ability to recognize and combat quality issues. We will outline how advancements in technology are making our job easier, but still recognize that quality is hard work. However, with effort and vigilance we can improve our response.

We hope you’ll join us for the upcoming Insighter Conference! It is virtual events like these that will help us to connect as an industry and continue to lead digital transformation for market research. You can register here: