Cint explores global views on “Convenience versus Fatigue in a Digital World”

Thought Leadership

Cint recently used the power of its Insights Exchange to explore a topic that’s affecting everyone around the globe: balancing the convenience of online activities with overall online fatigue. Tapping into the world’s largest consumer network for digital market research, with 145 million respondents in 130 countries, enabled us to reveal attitudes and behaviors around this subject, while delving into detail around how these differ according to factors such as geography and generation.

We sought to understand to what extent people are experiencing online fatigue, and we looked at how this impacts ecommerce and other activities. We also explored which experiences consumers welcome in virtual form, versus ‘in real life’. In addition, we discovered what consumers want to see as they return to stores, as the effects of the pandemic linger on.

The resulting, global study, Convenience versus Fatigue in a Digital World, illustrates the importance of comprehensive market research that uncovers what consumers really want from brands. As the global software leader in digital insights gathering, we were able to utilize our research technology platform to delve into behaviors in the United States, United Kingdom and India. We looked at how attitudes are shifting in response to vast increases in time spent online, whether for work or for leisure. Perhaps unsurprisingly, no single cohort was found to be uniform in reactions and feelings.

The findings from this cross-section of nationally representative consumers across three continents include fascinating insights such as:

Across all countries surveyed, people are spending an average of 53 hours online per week.
Younger generations have had enough, with Gen Z reporting feeling most negatively affected by constant digital activity.
Gamers are a force to be reckoned with. For instance, Gen Z in the U.K. alone spends 15 hours a week gaming.

The paper includes data that can help brands and organizations tailor both on and offline experiences to boost engagement and avoid online fatigue. It also illustrates the power of tapping into a diverse, global audience to uncover more comprehensive insights to guide decision making. Download a copy of the whitepaper today.