Collaboration with Tap Research Delivers Massive Global Growth

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When industry-leading mobile data collection and monetization technology company, Tap Research, sought to “tap” into a mobile worldwide audience there were some distinct challenges to overcome. The company was looking to expand access to a mobile audience, something which traditionally not built-in to market research panels. A key challenge was that in order to attract the mobile respondents that they sought, they needed high quality surveys – and vice versa.

By collaborating with Cint and utilizing our innovative technology solutions, Tap Research was able to accomplish several key goals for growing their global business. Just a few of these included:

  • Matching survey respondents with surveys quickly and efficiently
  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of key survey characteristics
  • Boosting growth by programmatically reaching more respondents, in more countries

The partnership between the two companies led to significant positive outcomes, including massive global growth and increased quality, speed and value. While initial results were impressive enough, the foundation was built for continued significant expansion and integrations.

Aaron Platshon, CEO and Co-Founder TapResearch, said,

“Cint was able to scale with us as we went from a brand-new company to 15 million sessions every month. Our goal now is to continue growing our mobile supply network and double its size over the next 12 months. We believe that there’s a huge opportunity to grow this much with Cint.”

For the complete case study that illustrates how a relationship like the one between Cint and Tap Research can result in exponential growth and measurable efficiencies, visit here.