Connected data, digital transformation trends and the market research technology to bring it all together

Thought Leadership

Earlier this month, our EVP of Enterprise Solutions participated in an insightful panel discussion during the Datamatics online session, “Connected Data for Insights with Impact.” He took the virtual stage with a stellar lineup of experts, including Vanella Jackson of Hall & Partners, Manish Makhijani of Unilever, Dr.Bikramjit of Datamatics, and moderator Andy Waller of Datamatics.

The session began with a discussion about today’s hyper-connected consumer, and all the online data that ensues, alongside its potential impact on meaningful audience understanding. Brands are seeking connected data – a term that wasn’t part of our nomenclature a mere 12 months ago – and they are also seeking the market research technology to help them get the most out of it. Platform fatigue has become a very real pain point, and organisations want processes to be more streamlined and intuitive.

Greg weighed in at this point to talk about Cint’s vision and approach, developing the technology needed to tap into the power that connected data can offer and digitally transform the industry. Like the other speakers on the panel, we are also seeing a massive buyer demand for connected data as part of our everyday workflow. We are addressing this need by offering market research technology that can bring data sources together, with a focus on scalability and efficiency that allows clients to innovate more quickly.

He said, “Our sweet spot is connecting survey data from real humans with digital behavior data or actions in order to drive better insights. Not only are we enriching survey data by bringing sources together, but we are also working to enrich respondent profiles using first-party profiling data to help unearth very targeted hard-to-reach audiences.”

There are many practical use cases for our technology-driven approach. One example is ad targeting, using connected data to convert survey outcomes to targetable audience segments in data management platforms. We’re also taking audience measurement and ad effectiveness measurement into the future, considering areas such as connected TV and cross-device targeting, to address the “cookie apocalypse” when third-party cookies phase-out.

Cint is addressing the need for connected data through very specific initiatives including: building scalability and greater automation from the ground up; collecting the right profiling information from our 100 million respondents (coupled with consent to ensure compliance); working with our network of 2,000 partners to encourage them to opt-in to specific use cases; and productising specific use cases to make them scalable and accessible in the marketplace.

Today, there is no lack of data. The panel agreed that it is important to not lose sight of the need to identify the business question or problem you are seeking to solve, and then find the necessary data to provide the answers. The right market research technology can help us to get there. Facilitating greater audience understanding, connected data can allow brands to improve personalisation and targeting, all the way to helping to inspire people and bring them together.

For the complete session recording, visit here.