Upcoming webinar: Connected data for insights with impact


We are pleased to join Datamatics for its upcoming live panel discussion about how connected data is helping global organisations to gain actionable insights at speed. Datamatics is a technology company that builds intelligent solutions enabling data-driven businesses to digitally transform themselves through robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud, mobility and advanced analytics. Their goals for connecting data in the market research industry align closely with Cint’s own objectives for leading digital transformation.

Our EVP of Enterprise Solutions, Greg Dunbar, will be taking the virtual stage during the event with other leaders from Hall & Partners, Unilever and Datamatics on September 30 at 9:00 a.m. EDT/ 02:00 PM BST. During the session, the speakers will cover key challenges that market research technology can start to solve for the industry. Some of the topics up for discussion include:

  • The changing consumer landscape and its impact on the way brands do business
  • An increased need to connect data, in more scalable and valuable ways, in order to better understand customers and how to derive more personal engagements 
  • The rising importance of solid insights for data-driven business decision making 

Traditional market research methods are struggling to adapt to this new reality. Insights must be delivered at speed, using technology to bring data together and form a complete picture of consumer sentiment and behaviour

Greg says, “There are so many opportunities for us to drive valuable insights, but we need several things to capitalise on those opportunities. Just a few are consumer consent, better automation technology and scale – in order to find unique individuals at specific moments in time that fit unique profiles. We need to become far better at partnering in order to achieve these goalsWhen we do, then we will quickly see long-term insights concepts turn into scalable insights products.”

During the webinar, we’re looking forward to furthering the discussion about using market research technology to lead digital transformation for our space. Our future as an industry relies on thinking ahead and coming up with solutions that address key challenges facing consumer insights. We hope you will join us. 

Register here: https://www.datamatics.com/events/webinar/connected-data