Cubery taps into Cint technology to find impact of Yorkshire Tea’s social video

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Measuring consumer reactions to ad campaigns is important at all times and when Yorkshire Tea set out to communicate its achievement of going 100% carbon neutral, it was keen not to be accused of greenwashing.

To this end, Cubery, a tech-driven research and insights agency, set out to explore consumer reactions to a video announcement by the brand, planned for its social channels, by tapping into Cint’s massive global audience base.

Using our market research technology, Cubery was able to conduct a research study to gauge consumer reactions surrounding the execution and the complex discussion topics it covered.

This research found that Yorkshire Tea successfully connected with and captivated audiences with its story, in which a painter is seen working on the countryside scene which is now famously depicted on the brand’s packaging.

As the painter adds in touches such as reusable cups and electric vehicle charging points, all whilst speaking in a recognisably Yorkshire accent, the data showed that audiences reacted well.

Avoiding the usual fanfare associated with brands doing good deeds, Yorkshire Tea’s decision to involve the original illustrator of the idyllic countryside featured on its packaging – Andrew Hutchinson – was well received. Underpinning the video’s strength was its down-to-earth approach – with which the brand has become synonymous.

With the film taking place in front of an easel, Andrew’s authentic-seeming reflections, all whilst painting, drew viewers in. And, as the painting of the Yorkshire countryside was progressively updated to be more eco-savvy, audiences were keen to see where the painting and discussion would lead.

Meanwhile, almost half of viewers spontaneously recalled the brand from the painting, according to Cubery’s study, which was able to reach the right respondents through Cint’s market research technology.

In addition, the video managed to build on the successes of previous campaigns, by deploying the distinctive Yorkshire accent and humour that have come to define the brand, with audiences consistently taking away that Yorkshire Tea is a ‘caring’ and ‘environmentally conscious’ brand.

The ad was particularly compelling, scoring a whopping 83 versus a norm of 57 in this regard, according to Cubery’s framework, which is designed to assess whether communications ‘connect’, ‘captivate’ and ‘compel’.

For the complete results of the Yorkshire Tea study, powered by Cint, you can view the article here.

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