EPIC Conjoint uses Cint’s Buyer API for new confectionary brand research

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Cint partner EPIC Conjoint recently published a new case study on its work for a global confectionery manufacturer to find out just how consumers were feeling about the company’s health snack bar. To test their “appetite” for the product an online survey was launched to explore reactions to the bar, as well as to determine how it stacked up against competitors.

EPIC Conjoint is a Cint partner, utilising our Buyer API, to further digitise its processes in order to quickly deliver actionable insights for its clients – sometimes in as little as one day. This approach increases efficiencies and speed across the board, something which was fully realised with this recent project.

In its case study, EPIC indicates that: “The survey was seamlessly distributed to a target sample in Ireland using an API with global online panel provider Cint. 250 successfully completed surveys, sufficient for statistical significance, were captured within the space of three hours.” That’s fast!

For EPIC, one of the key benefits of the Cint market research technology platform is the ability to offer its customers greater control over the conjoint analysis process. This seamless process enables a zero-touch end-to-end solution for booking, delivery, analysis to invoicing.

The client featured in this case study appreciated this flexibility. The product lead manager said, “We found the tool very easy to use and the information we got back really helped guide us with our NPD plan for 2020 and beyond.”

The results of the online survey gave the confectionary brand a strong foundation for evaluating how consumers viewed the features of its health bar, such as calorie content, sugar content, ingredients and price. It also gave the brand a benchmark to help compare the bar to other competing brands, giving them a framework for consumer messaging and communications.

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