#WeareCint: Getting to Know the Faces of Cint: Lynn Fuentes, CSE

Company Culture

We’ve all gotten a “peek behind the scenes” into the homes and families of some of our colleagues and partners over the past few weeks. Instead of convening in our offices and conference rooms, we’ve come together digitally– getting to know our fellow meeting attendees’ dogs, kids, home work spaces, housekeeping skills and more via video calls. It’s been a new way to know one another!

Our employee profile blog posts also help to give a behind the scenes look at the people that contribute to Cint’s success. This month we sat down with Dallas, Texas based Lynn Fuentes, one of our Customer Success Executives who has been with the company for one and a half years. Here are some of her answers to our questions.

What are you passionate about when it comes to your job?
I love it when our clients discuss their needs with us. I enjoy playing a part in shaping the decision-making process whether is it for huge CPG brands, SMBs and, even more recently, pandemic-related studies. Clients come to us for international studies and some of them may not be familiar with the APAC region. As a Singaporean working and living in the U.S., I have helped clients understand the region and it makes me proud to be a tiny ambassador.

What kind of music do you listen to while you are working?
Early 2000s pop hits (don’t judge).

What do you like to eat while working?
Spicy tapioca chips from Singapore, I bring them back in bulk whenever I go back to visit my family.

What’s your favorite thing(s) to do when you aren’t working (hobbies)? 
Hanging out and training my two German Shepherds! My two furbabies love that none of their humans are traveling right now.

How different was your life one year ago?
A year ago I was helping out others for their projects, acting as a backup and learning the ins and outs of Cint. Now I’m running my own projects and helping others on my team who are newer to the company with their questions. I love how helpful we all are at Cint even though I was the only person in Texas when I was first hired, everybody and I mean EVERYONE from management to colleagues domestically and internationally never stopped helping me whenever I had questions/doubts.

Who would be your spirit animal and why?
I did a quiz! The website said I’m a Wolf. I guess it is true because I can get protective over my team/family/friends.
What fad or trend do you hope comes back? Honestly, indestructible cell phones with amazing battery life like the Nokia 3310.

Do you have a quote/statement in life you tend to follow?
“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell, you’re not”- Margaret Thatcher.
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”- George Santayana.

What’s one thing you’ve had to overcome in your life?
Starting from scratch with my career when I moved to the United States. I was sending resumes every day for a year when I first moved to Texas in 2015 and no one would even give me a chance for an interview. In 2016, when we (my husband and I) got the news that we were moving to California, I started sending my resumes to jobs in my new area and I started a part-time job the following week after we relocated. I continued apply for jobs while working part-time and finally landed in Market Research, I don’t think I’m ever leaving the industry now.

What is/are your favorite thing(s) about working for Cint?
Flexibility, opportunity and support. I think Cint is great at identifying people for their strengths and allowing us to shine where/what we do best. Cint recognizes and rewards hard work and effort, not every company does that.