Looking to Run Quick Market Research Projects? Just Pay As You Go with Cint!


Run Your Market Research Instantly with no Minimum Fees, Zero Commission Fees, No Commitments or Contracts – Just Pay As You Go!

Massive global change means that the actions, feelings and thoughts of every consumer group has shifted. How has the behavior and sentiment of your audience changed during COVID-19? Good news: you can take the pulse of your important audience members by conducting online market research that fits your timeline and budget perfectly. When you pay as you go, and don’t have to shell out any start-up or commission fees for your project, you won’t encounter any unforeseen surprises.

The insights that you gather can help you create the right products, messaging and communications that will resonate with and support your consumer audiences. Right now, while emotions are high and behaviors are shifting, avoiding brand missteps is vital. You can quickly plan your next move and make sure your business decisions are grounded in data – all with no contract, zero commissions fees, no commitment and no minimum spend.

Cint offers an array of solutions designed for marketers. Our Access suite of products can do everything from measuring the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising all the way to keeping your audiences engaged. Our powerful tools make it easy for marketers from all sizes of companies to quickly uncover important consumer insights on the fly.

With Cint, you can also ensure that you are accessing the correct individuals with your survey outreach. We have the world’s largest sample exchange, encompassing a highly engaged user base with 100M respondents in more than 150 countries around the globe. We offer fully transparent costs, based on your project specifications, with consistent pricing that doesn’t change so you can budget accordingly. Visibility into suppliers, feasibility, recruitment and other methods helps you make informed decisions.

In fact, more than 2,000 innovative global researchers, agencies and brands trust us to deliver exactly the audiences they need, when they need them, without any delays. Many marketers for leading brands have used our platform with outstanding results, giving them solid data surrounding consumer sentiment and behaviors. With no sign-up fee, you can join these leading companies, rely on Cint’s technology platform and run research studies quickly and painlessly.

Some of the key benefits of this approach:

  • Simple, straightforward, commission-free pricing with no surprises
  • Fast access to the consumer insights you need now, without lengthy commitments
  • Strategic expertise to positively impact your time-sensitive market research projects
  • Spend your dollars on exactly what you need, with no minimum project fees or project management fees
  • Receive discounts and/or rebates depending on the volume of your project

Cint is powering the digital transformation in the market research industry. Our investments in technology and people are coupled with a flexible, consistent pricing model that serves the needs of market researchers. Get the insights you need today. Don’t wait, you can get started right here.

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