EPIC Conjoint uses Cint’s Buyer API for speed, efficiency and growth

Buyer API
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Conjoint analysis helps market researchers more deeply understand their customers by gauging how they value specific attributes of a product or service. EPIC Conjoint is committed to boosting accessibility to this type of analysis, and to accomplish this goal they needed a more efficient process using market research technology. In order to quickly deliver actionable insights, EPIC Conjoint partnered with Cint and tapped into the power of our Buyer API.

The result of this partnership helped EPIC automate vital parts of the data collection and fieldwork processes, becoming the “one-stop-shop” for conjoint analysis. Cint’s flexible market research technology has enabled a zero-touch end-to-end solution for booking, delivery, analysis to invoicing.

Because consumer behavior and sentiment are changing quickly, this automated approach to market research helps clients get the results they need to keep up with their customers. Through the Cint Buyer API, EPIC clients have more control over their projects with an intuitive and flexible solution that delivers faster customer responses and results.

In fact, EPIC Conjoint’s implementation of Cint’s Buyer API resulted in:

  • Ability to deliver 95% of projects with “zero touch” using automation
  • Reduction in fieldwork duration from 2-3 weeks to 1-2 days
  • Increase in operational efficiency by 90%, saving time and earning more money

Matt Johnston, CEO of EPIC Conjoint, said, “Cint’s extensive offerings for the insights space, and their professional, knowledgeable and extremely responsive customer success team, are absolutely critical to EPIC Conjoint’s success. We simply could not offer a rapid conjoint analysis service to clients without Cint’s Buyer API.”

For the complete case study, visit here.

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