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Speed, quality and incredible value are just some of the benefits you can experience by tapping into Cint’s next-generation domain expertise in building hundreds of market research sample automation integrations. Our pioneering efforts in launching the market research industry’s first API way back in 2010 gives us the leading edge in API strategy. We put our depth of market research technology integration experience to work on both sides of the insights ecosystem with our Buyer API and Supplier API solutions, helping to lead the industry’s digital transformation.

Supply partners can seamlessly connect audiences to exponential global survey opportunities. Customers can fully automate every step of their process, while programmatically accessing thousands of data providers in the Cint Insight Exchange within a single interface. That’s just what Zappi did when they partnered with us to boost efficiency and streamline processes while achieving their goals for digital transformation leadership.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate the power of putting advanced automation to work is to see just how it works in real life. Below is a summary of how partnering with Cint can have a huge positive impact on outcomes. You can read the full case study here.

Zappi’s challenge

Zappi already had a strong focus on market research technology and was an innovator in the use of automation. But customer demands continued to rise for “faster, better, cheaper,” with better coverage and the ability to reach more and more complex audiences. The company knew it needed to take some big steps toward improving sampling efficiency and speed of delivery, as their model didn’t allow for full end-to-end automation and was comprised of many manual steps, and wasted time and resources.

Cint’s solution

Zappi turned to Cint, in part due to our shared vision of using technology to lead the digital transformation of the market research industry. Zappi used Cint’s Buyer API to integrate the Cint Platform directly with the Zappi platform. This meant ad-hoc and cumbersome methods for sample sourcing were instantly streamlined and automated for the Zappi platform. It also meant that Zappi gained quick access to Cint’s Insight Exchange with an audience of 100 million panellists in more than 150 countries. The fully automated solution allows precise targeting and instant decision making, taking time-consuming manual steps out of the equation.

The results

Zappi can now build new products using Cint’s market research technology backbone, allowing them to fulfil the promise of value, quality and speed. The nature of the strategic collaboration allows for exponential growth, with a flexible, scalable solution that will continue to impact market research innovation in the future. Perhaps the numbers speak to the success best, as Zappi was able to:

  • Run more than 85% of their Cint projects via the new Buyer API, as opposed to manually via Access Pro
  • Eliminate manual human touch from 97% of the projects running through the new integration closed automatically
  • Deliver an average eight-minute length of interview (LOI) to improve respondent experience

This is just one example of how the right market research technology integration can accelerate value, quality and speed. On the supplier side, we are helping to seamlessly connect audiences to a world of survey opportunities from our global customer base. You can read more about the scalable growth this solution enables in our case study with Tap Research which, after programmatically integrating with Cint, is now one of the fastest-growing companies in market research.

Cint’s API solutions are leading the digital transformation of the market research space, tapping into the power of automation to programmatically connect both sides of the marketplace.

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