GRIT Top 50 Innovative Companies: One Year of Innovations at Cint

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We were honoured to be included on the most recent GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Companies, part of the Greenbook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report, touted as the most comprehensive and widely read analysis of the insights industry today. Not only was Cint included on the main Top 50 list, but we were also a top placer on the market research Technology Provider list at number four in the industry.

Being named on these prestigious lists was exciting for our whole team, as we’ve all worked extremely hard over the past year to bring a number of market research technology innovations to life. The rankings are a testament to the hard work of everyone at Cint in launching the following initiatives to ultimately benefit insights companies around the world.

  • Acquisition of programmatic online sample company P2Sample. In August of 2019, Cint came together with P2Sample, which was one of the most powerful programmatic market research platforms in the consumer insights industry. By combining forces, Cint set the stage for creating a global online sampling powerhouse with an enormous reach, further enhancing our commitment to lead digital transformation in the insights industry.
  • Increasing our global reach exponentially. As exciting as it was to initially join forces with P2Sample, the real benefit to our clients came when we finalised the integration of our two platforms, creating the world’s largest sample exchange (among other market research technology advancements outlined below). Market research agencies can now programmatically access 100+ million panellists from more than 150 countries on Cint’s Insight Exchange.
  • Implementation of advanced fraud mitigation techniques. Our hyper-focus on quality was taken to the next level as we began employing dynamic fraud detection using artificial intelligence and machine learning as part of our integration with P2Sample. Combined with traditional techniques, our approach can recognise unusual emerging patterns and scan open-end responses to quickly catch bad behaviour and improve quality.
  • Full automation of yield management: We implemented an AI-driven, proprietary approach to tracking respondent behaviour, taking in dozens of metrics, user demographics and survey characteristics. This allows us to match surveys with appropriate panellists, which in turn maximises Earnings Per Click (EPC), conversion rates, ROI and quality.
  • Employment of measures to improve respondent engagement. Cint’s dynamic profiling uses automation to enable precise online sample targeting across hundreds of qualifiers. This ensures proper targeting, improves the user experience and yields better, more accurate data. In addition, respondent experiences are further boosted by using automation to improve routing, matching individuals with the right surveys at the right time.
  • Utilising our depth of API experience: We have put our next-generation domain expertise in building hundreds of technology integrations in the market research platform space to work with our enhanced Buyer API. Now our customers can fully automate every step of the data collection and fieldwork process with a single interface. Our buyer-side integrations offer programmatic, harmonised access to thousands of data suppliers in one place, while providing the market research technology foundation for research agencies, brands and media agents to quickly innovate and grow.
  • Expansion of strategic partnerships in the market research space. We’re lucky enough to work with more than 2,000 leading researchers, agencies and brands from around the world. In the past few months, we’ve made strides toward further automation of the market research industry through key partnerships. GfK recently chose Cint to accelerate its programmatic approach to sample, transforming and optimising the company’s complex digital research operations. Survey2Connect also launched its new Survey2Audience solution, powered by Cint, powered by Cint’s automation and global reach to provide programmatic, fast access to respondents for data-driven insights. These partnerships add to the sample and fieldwork operations that Cint powers for market research leaders such as Zappi, SurveyMonkey and Kantar – which was the first market research enterprise partnership in which one of the major MRAs licensed a third-party platform for its core sample and supply chain management workflow.
  • Formalisation of the Cint Quality Charter. Quality has always been a core pillar of Cint’s business, and recently we created a charter that attaches KPIs to both the supplier and buyer sides of our business. Our comprehensive approach covers the breadth of our operations and market research tools, allowing us to reactively and proactively take the right steps to ensure quality. A dedicated quality team provides operational and methodological support, while a cross-functional leadership committee provides high-level guidance. Diagnostic measures are employed for each component of quality, while data is collected and analysed to ensure progress and success.
  • Boosting internal reporting capabilities. A team of Cint employees came together to find a more efficient and streamlined way to share data. The result was increased reporting capabilities that allow team members to access data in a centralised, user-friendly interface. This direct portal access showcases the data and eliminates error-prone, unnecessary steps. This reduces friction when it comes to viewing and analysing data from the Cint platform and allows us to get clients the reporting they need more quickly.
  • Global brand launch: In early 2020, we unveiled new branding for Cint which better encompassed our mission and vision for the market research technology space. This worldwide brand launch solidified our commitment to providing our customers and partners with an automated market research platform that provides a best-in-class, future-proof solution for gathering insights faster, more cost-effectively and at scale.
  • Commitment to equality: Beyond leading digital transformation, we are also committed to transforming the insights industry’s diversity. Our Equality Charter provides guidance for our team and our actions as a company, directing our overall business approach to equality, diversity and inclusion. Cint is developing a Diversity Council with our human resources team, which will have representation from employees of all genders, races, sexual orientations and disabilities. Already, we are proud to have made strides with gender equality, and over 45% of Cint’s leadership roles are held by women. We work hard to ensure every employee feels welcome and valued.

Does that seem like a lot of innovating? It is! We are completely committed to the digital transformation of the market research industry, and our hard work has been accomplished with this goal in mind. Thank you to Greenbook, the GRIT report and the entire market research space for nominating and honouring us with inclusion on the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies list for 2020.

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