Measuring brand lift in real-time: Leveraging Lucid Impact Measurement by Cint for in-flight optimization on cross-platform campaigns

Media Measurement

Stephanie Gall, Director of Measurement Products at Cint, examines the use of Lucid Impact Measurement to optimize advertising campaigns across linear and connected TV, digital and social channels

With shoppers hunting for deals as the holiday season approaches, brands need to be more adaptable than ever; able to pivot their strategies on the fly. And for marketers, real-time campaign measurement is drawn sharply into focus as they work to justify their strategies and win investment for the year ahead. 

For these reasons and more, over-reliance on traditional, fragmented, and often slow, brand campaign measurement is no longer tenable in the modern, increasingly digital world. Businesses need to gather insights now, while campaigns are live. They can’t afford to wait until the new year to analyze data or apply learnings only post-campaign. 

Fortunately,  it is possible to unlock a wealth of information that can drive campaign success – by embracing the power of cross-platform brand campaign measurement. Daily, integrated feedback on campaigns across digital, linear, and connected TV, and social can help to ensure marketing efforts are optimized. It can also provide a competitive edge; enabling teams to align with the often rapidly evolving preferences of consumers. 

With spend on digital channels continuing to grow– and Insider Intelligence / eMarketer reporting that social spend in the US alone is set to reach $75B by 2024, the ability to measure brand lift can help to ensure you’re investing wisely across all channels. 

To this end, Lucid Impact Measurement by Cint is here to provide teams with granular and holistic survey-based insights directly from consumers. By providing at-a-glance topline reporting for key performance indicators such as brand awareness, brand consideration, purchase intent, ad recall and brand favorability, it’s possible to see, how an upper-funnel campaign is resonating and dig deeper to determine what could be improved.     

Real-time insights generate real-time results

Armed with accurate, up-to-date information, it’s possible to refine messaging, tweak targeting parameters and experiment with different channels. Having access to this data also helps to reduce wasted marketing budget, with overall impact turbocharged through the identification of new efficiencies. After all, knowing how to prioritize a potentially limited budget is more critical than ever, as is optimizing the impact of your hard-won investment. 

Relying on ‘Gut hunch’ is not enough for the modern CFO, and Lucid Impact Measurement’s at-a-glance indicator of brand lift performance by KPI, demographics and media tactics  can show what’s delivering ROI and what needs adjusting. The dashboard provides marketers with clarity around their efforts, enabling them to filter results by target audience or tactical approach to help eliminate unnecessary costs and to optimize where needed. Ultimately, this gives them an edge over competitors thanks to granular data and insights across platforms. 

Marketers can see what is resonating with target consumers or identify if campaigns are attracting new audience segments. By considering brand lift across factors such as site, media channel, placement, device, creative, network, ad length, time of day and frequency, teams can spot opportunities for additional investment, pivot away from underperforming formats or platforms and fine-tune campaign tactics. Underperformance can be rectified while campaigns are in flight, utilizing continuous insights  in an iterative fashion, to optimize their current and future campaigns. 

Don’t get left behind this holiday season 

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, brands need campaigns which resonate. To do this they must have access to the full picture and dive deep into performance.  

Fortunately, the availability of accurate cross-platform measurement across digital channels, including social, linear TV and connected TV, can provide an unbiased, integrated view of attitudinal brand lift measurement that gives customers an edge over their rivals. And with seamless daily cross-screen reporting, it is possible to get scalable and timely brand lift insights which enable you to understand your campaign’s impact on consumer perceptions of your brand. 

Sound like all your holiday wishes come true for your team? Contact us here to find out more about Lucid Impact Measurement by Cint.