New article in Quirk’s: Smart automation implementation


Our EVP of Enterprise Solutions, Greg Dunbar, writes for Quirk’s about ways that market research can start to meet marketplace demands by implementing automated processes. In his article, “Uncover faster insights through smart automation implementation,” he maintains that automation can handle the more mundane tasks and processes, accomplishing the “heavy lifting” for positive results.

This is nothing new to most. There is general awareness in the industry that automation can help us meet goals for quality, speed and cost savings. However, the road to automation in general has been filled with speedbumps and obstacles, in the form of “insufficient implementations” or “stop-gap approaches.” This can actually end up hindering company objectives rather than helping uncover better, faster insights.

Greg writes that a staged approach may offer the flexibility and scalability that companies need in order to properly implement automation. He says,

“implementing the right tech stack that utilises best-in-class APIs, alongside existing tools and integrations, is the only answer.”

Perhaps the largest impediments to large-scale automation implementation are worries about workflow disruption and steep learning curves. Finding a scalable solution that works with your business model, and can grow with your company, can help you realize all your core objectives. If you choose a solution like this as you grow and “need a more holistic approach, the adoption of a more fully automated model, such as a full enterprise implementation, can be streamlined.”

Digital transformation is on a fast track to change our industry for good. Automation will play a large role and consumer insights companies must begin implementation in order to future-proof their business. Greg concludes that “automation is essential as market researchers strive to meet demands for speed, efficiency, quality and cost savings.”

For the full article, visit Quirk’s here.