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Read on for a brief outline of the latest developments in our new platform as we continue on an exciting journey with our partners, led by our core purpose – to feed the world’s curiosity

Within the research technology space, Cint exists to provide quality data and insights which help companies to innovate. We are here to connect real people and real opinions with the organizations trying to serve them. Having pioneered the programmatic market research marketplace model, innovation is in our DNA. 

In an increasingly AI-led world, this generation of quality, human-based data is incredibly important. So, as custodians, guardians of an extremely important resource, we remain on a mission to improve, innovate and listen to the needs of our customers, as we continue to connect real people with important business questions. 

Since the acquisition of Lucid, behind the scenes, we have been building a new platform, with embedded intelligence and automation, on one cloud which is secure, globally compliant, easy to use, iterate and customize, and which drives efficiency and quality. Our UI has been redesigned from the ground up as we take the opportunity to learn from valuable lessons in over more than a decade of building market research technology solutions.

Here’s a quick round up of the key benefits our sample buyers can expect.

Our new platform

Cint is here to connect organizations with the broadest choice of trusted consumer opinions and data on a single research technology platform. Our legacy has provided us with an enviable starting point with four very successful platforms and we continue to build upon the very best capabilities of Cint, P2 Sample, Gapfish and Lucid.

During this period of complex platform consolidation, we plan to keep on improving in the way we help our customers; with our brand new, unified platform combining the best features of these four platforms in a single, state-of-the-art user interface. 

What does the new platform mean for supply partners and customers?

We are focusing on scalability and performance with our API-first approach. In addition, we are investing in data-streaming architecture to enable accurate data in near real-time. We are building new functionality specific to solving suppliers’ most pressing business problems, through a single, consistent API that is fast, lightweight, and scalable. 

For customers, intuitive workflows and built-in fielding automation tools are at the heart of the new UI and, with options to manually adjust settings, customers have maximum choice and control. What’s more, the interface is built for global business, in that it can work across borders within the same project, with localization and customization baked in.

For our varied and valued customers, this new UI also offers turbocharged scale: Instant access to the world’s largest single source of sample supply, with more than 306 million connected consumers. With a million surveys a day answered through the Cint platform, we can find both large and niche audiences for survey-based digital market research needs.

Our new platform means even greater quality, too, thanks to an improved reconciliation process and enhanced proprietary and best-of-breed third party fraud prevention tools, including AI prediction quality models and external bot prediction services.

In this way, the new platform automatically creates optimal conditions for both sample buyers and suppliers. As the pioneer of programmatic marketplaces for the market research industry, our team is committed to the quality and reliability of a healthy exchange; one which protects customers and respondents, whilst generating reliable data from consenting, continuously verified respondents.

This brings enhanced capabilities to our advertising measurement and data solutions as well – two things which matter more than ever, what with advertising budget constraints and the need for strong, first-party data. By bringing the best of capabilities to the unified platform, Cint provides additional quality sample for deeper, more impactful insights – no matter how you work with us. 

Seeking your feedback

We are committed to offering a smooth transition and straightforward integration process as well as a transparent and predictable pricing model for both sample buyers and supply partners. The migration effort needed will vary depending on your current platform and engagement with Cint, while your account team will inform you of the specific plan, details and guidance. 

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey as we build an innovation engine with new functionality which allows us to go further, faster, together. In 2024, we will be bringing in other data to the platform as we make further steps along the road.

If you are interested in becoming a future beta tester, please contact your account representative. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. 

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to the team.