#WeAreCint: Meet our new Chief Technology Officer, Helene Westerlund

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One of the newest faces to join our global team, Helene Westerlund recently joined Cint’s executive leadership team as Chief Technology Officer and she is based at our Stockholm offices. With us for just over two weeks, Helene is still getting to know the people and goals of our growing business and where she can best apply her depth of experience in the tech world. Read on below to get to know her a bit better!

What’s a typical “day in the life” as Cint’s CTO?
Since I am new to Cint, I have been spending most of my time talking to people to get a good understanding of our business, challenges and how I can help out and contribute to our vision and goals. Further on, I see my role as a facilitator, bringing my experience to help remove roadblocks to make delivering value to our customers faster, smoother and fun. I will serve as a translator between commercial and Product/Dev., as well as being the champion for the Cint platform both internally and externally. As for a typical day, I imagine it will involve talking with and listening to a lot of people so that we get to good decisions quickly and smoothly, allowing people to focus on their “actual work.”

What are you passionate about when it comes to your job?
I love companies that are on a journey. At Cint, we have set our goals high and we’re all really pushing to get there. The overall feeling is that the sky’s the limit: bringing value to our customers through utilizing awesome technology. It is fun working in any position at Cint because we deliver kick-ass products and we’re having fun doing it.

Tell us about your favourite music and foods.
I am a disco princess so I enjoy any happy music that makes me want to shake my booty. 🙂 As for foods, I am addicted to caffe latte and I love to start the day with a long breakfast at Brunkeberg’s Bistro. My family is from up north in Sweden so I also enjoy fermented herring and, crazy enough, I even like the smell of it….it reminds me of my childhood.

What’s your favourite thing(s) to do when you aren’t working?
I love to travel (Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan are on my list this year) and I love to eat and these things are very good to combine! I love to find little hole-in-the-wall restaurants with amazing food. Currently, I’m getting ready to take my motorcycle license and am hoping to master that skill by this summer. I also enjoy spending time with my three children, who are 20, 17 and 16 years old.

What is/are your favourite thing(s) about working for Cint?
So far I have met a lot of passionate people that are passionate about our journey, that really makes me want to go to work in the morning!

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