Why real-time measurement is crucial for back-to-school and holiday campaign success

Media Measurement

The back-to-school and holiday shopping seasons are undergoing a big change, compelling advertisers and retailers to adapt or risk being left behind. As shoppers hunt for deals, grapple with inflation, and start their shopping earlier than ever, advertisers must pivot their strategies for their campaigns accordingly. Because these shopping seasons are short and compact, embracing the power of real-time, cross-platform campaign measurement unlocks a wealth of insights and propels campaigns to new success.  

Navigating Dynamic Back-to-School and Holiday Shopping Trends

Welcome to a world where back-to-school and holiday shopping are being disrupted by new consumer behavior. Recent years have seen a shift in consumer behavior: lingering fears from the days of COVID-induced supply chain disruptions are causing shoppers to flock to stores and online marketplaces well ahead of schedule. 51% of Americans confirmed they started their holiday shopping earlier in 2022, according to the Holiday Shopping Report. These shopping seasons are short, so advertisers must first find and then take advantage of the prime window for getting consumer feedback.

Furthermore, today’s economic uncertainty causes consumers to be relentless deal hunters and maximize their savings. Whether it’s searching for promo codes or meticulously comparing prices, shoppers leave no stone unturned. 80% of Americans report that they have changed their holiday spending habits, and 70% are prepared to spend less this year due to inflation. This spells trouble for retailers and advertisers unless they stay one step ahead. Good news comes from our 2023 Back to School Shopping Report. This year, 74% of Americans are prepared to spend an average of $101 for back-to-school supplies. The market is still big, so grabbing a bigger share this year is the key to a successful campaign.  

To effectively reach and engage consumers, relying on slower campaign measurement methods is not feasible. With 55% of Americans paying attention to back-to-school ads and 76% conducting their holiday shopping according to specific seasonal campaigns, businesses need to gather insights straight from the shoppers themselves while campaigns are hot. Waiting until the following year to apply post-campaign data is a missed opportunity in this short shopping season. Businesses are adapting in real time, so they do not waste a single day.    

Prime Day now kicks off the season 

Amazon Prime Day is a new American favorite taking place July 11-12. Similar to events like Black Friday, consumers are doing a remarkable amount of their holiday shopping during Prime Day, and many are tackling their back-to-school shopping as well: 61% of consumers report they will be back to school shopping, and 63% say they will be holiday shopping. Prime Day only lasts for two days, so advertisers need day-to-day updates on their campaign’s performance while it is still live, not after. Lucid, a Cint Group Company, is an Amazon Ads Verified Partner helping advertisers on the Amazon DSP use Lucid Impact Measurement to measure brand lift from their campaigns. Our clients are using real-time media measurement to make timely adjustments and capture the attention of Prime Day shoppers before time is up.  

Lucid Impact Measurement: Your Gateway to Campaign Success    

Real-time insights and feedback are crucial to ensure marketing efforts are optimized. With real-time measurement, our clients are gaining a competitive edge and tailoring their campaigns to meet evolving preferences of their target audiences, all while campaigns are still live.      

Unveiling the Metrics that Matter    

Our platform, Lucid Impact Measurement, offers an arsenal of 7 key performance metrics that unlock the true potential of ad campaigns; Brand Awareness, Brand Consideration, Purchase Intent, Ad Recall, Brand Favorability, Brand Recommendation, and Message Awareness. These metrics deliver an in-depth understanding of how a campaign resonates with the customer and what should be improved.     

Real-Time Insights for Real-Time Results    

Our customers don’t wait for post-campaign reports to evaluate their campaign’s impact. Lucid Impact Measurement provides them with real-time data that updates as new information is received, ensuring our customers stay one step ahead in optimizing their campaign strategies. Whether it’s refining their messaging, tweaking their targeting parameters, or experimenting with different channels: our platform empowers them to fine tune their campaigns while their audience is still shopping.

Embrace the power of Lucid Impact Measurement and seize every opportunity to make your campaigns shine.