Cint writes for Greenbook about market research resolutions we need to keep this year 

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In our latest article for Greenbook, “Five Resolutions You’ll Probably Ignore in 2020, Just Like You Did in 2019”, our COO JD Deitch weighs in on some unfinished business from the past and how we all need to work together to set the market research industry up for success in the coming year. Different than the standard New Year’s predictions articles, JD issues a call to action to the industry to push the reset button on several things that need to change for us to move into the future.  

The five points he outlines include: 

  • Building better surveys is imperative and, despite the fact that we’ve been talking about it for years, we still are experiencing quality issues. Market research companies need to consider the real cost of respondent dropouts – especially now that suppliers have the ability to shut down bad experiences for users. 
  • Improving industry conferences to make them worth attending, primarily by taking the sales pitches off the stage and move toward fulfilling our collaborative potential in the digital era. He also asks for conferences to consider discounted rates for junior members of the industry to help give them a chance to further their careers through learning and networking. 
  • Keeping positive relationships with partners, vendors, clients and everyone else by paying bills on time. He writes: “In short, it is the right thing to do.
  • Creating a work environment that nurtures career opportunities, encourages people to contribute to company goals and provides opportunities for collaboration. He specifically calls out mentoring others, investing in motivators (like rewards), and listening to ideas – especially those that may offer a fresh perspective.  
  • Making a formal commitment to diversity at our companies. This means “taking targeted and immediate action in the form of explicit recruitment objectives, visible measures of accountability, and internal and external engagement with stakeholders.” 

He concludes: “Can you keep these resolutions in the coming year? Apparently, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail before we even hit February. The trick is making it stick. The combination of focus, of setting daily, weekly and monthly goals, and of simply getting started is what it takes. Let’s find ways to make sure we have made progress in these issues when that next flood of predictions hit as we welcome 2021. 

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